Bits and Pieces

It's been a rough couple weeks in Rivet and Roam land (nothing serious, just some annoying colds, unexpected bills, etc) but we have managed to do a little decorating to make our Airstream feel even more like 'us'.    We are still hanging out at Roamer's Rest which definitely allows for puttering and seeing what works and doesn't work in terms of decor.  Living in such a small space definitely makes you think about all the little bits and pieces.

Happy air plants in the kitchen window

Our trusty gnome has traveled with us from the TAB to the 19 foot airstream to his current home by the door (guarding the fruits and veggies!)

Bill's dad (who passed away when Bill was 18) made this awesome plant holder.  We are so happy to have it with us in the Airstream.

Slightly obsessed with these shelves from Target.  They fit perfectly and allow for a rotating display of tchotchkes.

The external hard drive bay makes a great bookend!

The kitchen!  Not a lot of counter space but we make it work.  

Sunday at Rivet and Roam headquarters.  Bill edits photos and watches football while Inga lounges on 'her' bed.

Last but not least, the obligatory Inga photo.   Most days you can find her lounging in the bedroom and keeping an eye on everything.