Boardman Tree Farm

Every time we head out on I-84 East, the Boardman Tree Farm is a mandatory photo stop.    It’s located in Morrow, 5 miles west of the I-82 junction.    There are over 25,000 acres of poplar trees at varying stages of growth and endless photo opportunities.   The symmetry of the trees and just sheer number of them fascinate me.   I started shooting there 6-7 years ago when I was working on a series called “Dreams of Trees” and in the midst of a daily self-portrait project on Flickr.   Here’s a link to just a few of my tree farm pics on Flickr (which I also just discovered on this website while researching a few facts for this post).  I should note that technically it’s private property and I try to stick to the main roads around the tree farm and somewhat close to the highway when I am shooting by myself.   I’ve never had an issue on the probably 20+ visits there but I’ve heard of other photographers running in to issues--so enter at your own risk.  It also seems to be a much more popular destination for photographers over the last couple years. 

Bill  and I have stopped here probably 10 times in the two years we have been dating and adventuring.   Every time of the year has it’s own unique feel and this visit was no exception.  We arrived near dusk and in the midst of freezing fog, which covered all the plants surrounding the trees in a gorgeous frost.  We stayed for about 45 minutes trying to eke out every bit of light and then reluctantly headed out back on the road.